The Wildcat Way

Bold. Agile. Ready to serve. Wildcat is the leader in Design, Development and Manufacture of disposable personal protective equipment. We are honored to do our part protecting this great nation’s Healthcare Professionals, Military Personnel and First Responders.

Answering the Call for PPE

As COVID-19 spread to every corner of America, we saw it transform the fabric of our nation overnight. Experts at finding solutions, Wildcat rapidly shifted gears and built a team solely dedicated to creating a domestic supply chain filled with Made in America PPE. Harrowing stories from friends, family and the 24/7 news machine about shortages putting frontline workers at risk fueled our mission to solve the problem.

We leveraged our existing manufacturing and infrastructure expertise while compiling the best group of medical, compliance and safety experts around. The end result… Wildcat PPE. A world-class manufacturing operation, FDA registered facility currently building AAMI Level 1, 2 & 3 certified disposable isolation gowns.

Stepping Up for America’s Healthcare Heroes

At Wildcat PPE, we are fueled by that signature Texas mentality: friendliness, grit and a bold brand of ingenuity. Above all, we are driven to help those who help us every day.

We have created thousands of quality jobs here in the Lone Star State… and more to come across this great nation. With two massive manufacturing facilities just outside of Houston and a new Distribution Center in the Northeast, we are continuing our pledge to put America back to work.

Made in America

Sourced in America

FDA Registered

AAMI LEVEL 1/2/3/4

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Wildcat PPE is home to industrial manufacturing and operations experts driven to raise the benchmark for quality, safety and service. Our nation’s Everyday Heroes deserve the best and we are proud to deliver.

Jeff Conter

Vice President

Jeff has over 15yrs CAD and custom design experience the Oil & Gas, Racing, Health/Medical, Fire, Rescue and First Responder mobile industries. An industry expert highly skilled in electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic troubleshooting, Jeff finds the solution. With extensive project management experience, we rely on Jeff for strategic implementation and leading the Wildcat Team collaborating effectively across all departments. He holds a degree in both Airframe & Powerplant Technologies with a FAA license in the field.


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