When We Say “Safety First,” We Mean It.

From manufacturing to medical, Wildcat PPE meets every gold standard. The result: equipment that’s proven to be as hardworking as America’s healthcare workers. Learn more about Wildcat’s unwavering commitment to medical compliance, manufacturing quality and the safety of both our workers and yours.

Committed to Quality and

Wildcat PPE is dedicated to making the highest quality personal protective equipment to safeguard the lives of our nation’s medical professionals and first responders. Our medical professionals trust our products to keep them safe, and we take this commitment seriously.

To ensure the highest quality, Wildcat PPE meets or exceeds all relevant regulations. Our Texas-based facility is FDA Registered for manufacturing Class I and II PPE, and our team is home to experts who ensure every product meets the highest standards.

Wildcat is currently implementing independent testing for our PPE suits and is in the process of filing for 510K Prenotification for Class II gowns.

Wildcat PPE uses continuous improvement metrics to ensure that the quality of our product is unsurpassed. From our committed, engaged workforce to our world-class leadership, every member of the Wildcat team understands the critical role our products play in the lives of medical professionals. We take every step to ensure we provide our nation’s heroes with the best equipment. It’s what every medical professional deserves, and it’s the right thing to do.

Made in America

Sourced in America

FDA Registered

Class I & II

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Protecting Our Workers and Yours

Wildcat PPE practices rigorous safety standards to ensure the safety of our workers and yours. When our employees arrive for work each day, their temperatures are taken and recorded for tracking over time. We practice social distancing and equip our team with mandatory masks and PPE to ensure the safety of everyone who comes into contact with our products.


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